Women's Balance 270t
Women's Balance 270t by Health Concerns

Women's Balance 270t

Manufacturer:  Health Concerns
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Health Concerns - Women's Balance 270t

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Woman's Balance 270 tabs by Health Concerns

Woman's Balance by Health Concerns provides Chinese Therapeutic Actions such as: Move Liver Qi, Harmonize Liver and Spleen 

Health Concerns recommends taking 3 tablets, 2-3 times per day between meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

Ingredients: Bupleurum (Chai Hu), Tang-kuei (Dang Gui), White Peony (Bai Shao), Salvia (Dan Shen), Poria (Fu Ling), Atractylodes (Bai Zhu), Cyperus (Xiang Fu), Citrus (Chen Pi), Moutan (Mu Dan Pi), Gardenia (Zhi Zi), Ginger (Gan Jiang), Licorice (Gan Cao)

Notice: This product is not intended for use by pregnant women.

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