Paracidin 90c
Paracidin 90c by Ecological Formulas
Ecological Formulas

Paracidin 90c

Manufacturer:  Ecological Formulas
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Ecological Formulas - Paracidin 90c
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Paracidin 90c by Ecological Formulas

Paracidin is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement containing fatty acids and molecular iodine adsorbed to activated charcoal. Vitamin E 25 IU, Iodine 250 mcg, Activated Charcoal 500 mg, Linoleic Acid 60 mg, Tannic 50 mg, Oleic Acid 15 mg

 Paracidin 90c Contains - Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide

Take one to three Paracidin  capsules, three times daily one hour before or two hours after meals.

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