Brain Chemistry Profile by ZRT Labs
Brain Chemistry Profile by ZRT Labs

Brain Chemistry Profile by ZRT Labs

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Brain Chemistry Profile by ZRT Labs

Dried urine testing is the best way to measure hormone by-products and their metabolic pathways. This will provide a gauge for understanding the body's hormone metabolism.*

Diagnostic testing offers an opportunity to identify your individual specific areas of weakness and strengths in order to best determine a plan to meet your unique overall health needs. An easy-to-use kit is mailed to your home with instructions for self-collection. Cost includes two consultations with medical staff from our partner clinic, The Nutritionist Group. The first consultation will be a 10-15 minute initial conversation that begins your relationship with our medical team. The second consultation will entail reviewing results, establishing goals, and creating a program defined by your vision for optimal wellness.

- Ideal for measuring neurotransmitter levels, revealing the brain chemistry imbalances that possibly effect mood, adrenal function, addictive behaviors, and sleep. 
- Offers discreet, at-home collection versus all-day serial sampling.
- Stable at room temperature for 30 days, no special shipping necessary. 

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