Andrographis 200mg 90c
Andrographis 200mg 90c by Progena Meditrend
Progena Meditrend

Andrographis 200mg 90c

Manufacturer:  Progena Meditrend
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Progena - Andrographis 200mg 90c

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Product Description: Promotes and Supports Healthy Immune Function* Supports Healthy Liver Function* (Andrographis paniculata) has long been used in Indian, Chinese and Korean cultures. Due to several recent clinical studies it is now being used in the west as an herbal supplement. Andrographis promotes and supports healthy immune and liver function.* The active ingredients are a family of compounds known as andrographolides. Safety studies and clinical trials evaluated by Progena have not reported any toxic effects.


One Capsule Contains:AMOUNT
Andrographis paniculata extract
   Standardized to contain 10% andrographolides (20 mg)

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