Aloe-Ace 40:1 Concentrate 4 oz
Aloe-Ace 40:1 Concentrate 4 oz by Bio-Botanical Research

Aloe-Ace 40:1 Concentrate 4 oz

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Bio-Nutritional Formulas - Aloe-Ace 40:1 Concentrate 4 oz

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Aloe-Ace 40:1 Concentrate 4 oz by Bio-Nutritional Formulas

Bio-Nutritional Formulas suggests taking 2 caps full in 8 oz of water a day. Higher doses can cause loose stools as a result of beneficial detoxification.

Serving Size: 2 teaspoons or caps full
Servings Per Container: 12 teaspoons or caps full

Sap & rind: 
salicylic acid 
cinnomonic acid 
traumatic acid 
urea nitrogen 

Found in sap: 
HDL cholesterol 
campesterol B-sitosterol 

Aloe ace does contain 0.5% potassium sorbate and .10% sodium benzoate. Product is stabilized through pasteurization. Specially processed to stabilize and standardize the beneficial properties.40:1 concentrate. 10,000mg mucopolysaccharide per liter.

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