Changing the Way You Achieve Your Healthcare Goals. 

The Nutritionist Group is a holistic health clinic focusing on relationships that allow us to create personalized wellness programs designed to successfully achieve patient healthcare goals. Each program we offer is complete with in-depth personal interview to identify your unique needs, specialized diagnostic testing, and exclusive access to doctor-grade supplements. 

Our Services

Consultations on Supplement Protocol & Savings Evaluations
Personal Wellness Plan Creation & Support
Pre & Post Consultations on All In-Home Diagnostic Testing
Access to all top product lines... including Restricted Brands 
Up to 20% Savings through our Online Dispensary

"We focus on building a relationship with you that supports your health goals. We work in conjunction with your primary physician's protocol to answer questions you may have on supplements prescribed and how they work in harmony with a comprehensive wellness plan designed around your lifestyle." 

– Carolyn Mulally, BS, RN, HN-BC 
Medical Director, The Nutritionist Group