covenant health products referral program

Referral Progam from Covenant Health Products on Vimeo.

Covenant Health Products Referral Program

Covenant Health Do you Love Covenant Health Products? How would you like to earn a $25 gift certificate by simply referring a friend to our website? 

Here is how it works:

-  Login as you normally do
-  At the top your Account page you’ll see the REFERRAL PROGRAM button, simply click on it
-  This will automatically register you in our program
-  A popup window will appear where you’ll see your unique link that you can share using social media such as Facebook and twitter, or by sending an email.
-  You can also copy your unique link and share manually wherever you like
-  Your Statistics are at the bottom of the page where you can track referral and sales completed

Let's do a quick overview:

 -  There is no longer the need to separately register for the referral program. All registered customers of Covenant Health Products can participate.
 -  Gift certificate is only redeemable on Covenant Health Products.
 -  There is no limit on the number of referral payout you can receive, refer as many people as you like and encourage them to complete an order.
 -  To receive a payout, your referral MUST complete an order. You’ll only be credited with one order per friend, in other words, once that friend completes an order, you’ll receive a payout. If they order again you won’t receive another payout.
 -  Refer by sharing your link through email or on social media
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your business and helping us help others!