Patient Pricing

Patient pricing is designed to offer our clients an easy way to receive discounts on the supplements they purchase through our partner clinic, The Nutritionist Group. There are two ways to go about this:

You can request access to or, you can order directly on

Purchasing on will allow you to bypass the coupon codes as your items will already include the correct discount.  You will also no longer have to call to order restricted brands.

To purchase on, you will need to use the corresponding coupon code.

Please note that your first order must meet the minimum value to achieve the discount. Subsequently,  to maintain your discount on, you will have to purchase the minimum amount required on a monthly basis. 

See the minimum values below: 


12% Discount Tier:  $1 - $150 in orders / month 

15% Discount Tier: $151 - $299 in orders / month

20% Discount Tier: $300 or more in orders / month

Your discount will be assigned based on your monthly order over the initial 12 months.  Your tier assignment will be automatically adjusted every 90 days based on the value of your monthly order amount.  The 20% discount tier requires three months of purchases to qualify.  Some restrictions apply. Please note you must be a patient of the clinic to be part of this program. 

Please fill out the form below to apply.