Covenant Health Clinic is the physical clinic for Covenant Health Products.   

There are two main components:

I.    A physical location in Brevard, NC focused on improving the quality of life for our clients by bringing better nutrition to Western North Carolina by providing physician grade supplements and by individual and group counseling. 
II.    A Virtual Clinic that provides services that mirror those offered by the Brevard location.

Covenant Health Clinic provides access to supplements from a variety of World Class suppliers. These suppliers include but are not limited to Xymogen, Standard Process, and Thorne Research. As protection for our Clients and suppliers, access to the Clinic requires the Client to obtain  a private log in.  All Client information, shared with the Clinic, shall be held in the strictest privacy and will not be shared with anyone else unless agreed to by the Client.

As a segment of introducing the Clinic and for a limited time Clients whether located in Western North Carolina or elsewhere in the world are offered a free fifteen (15) minute consult to review the Client's list of supplements and to ask any questions concerning the supplements.
 Covenant Health Clinic Clients will receive additional exclusive benefits some of which are listed below.

- Budget Review - The Clinic may be of assistance in helping Clients with their supplement budget. There may be ways to supply your needs at a lower cost. These savings  could come from alternative products, higher count bottles and vendor based discounts, among other possibilities.

- Health Tips - Regular updates on those health topics relevant to the Client.   The Clinic will eventually have Qualified Health Providers (QHP) that may be able to answer specific Client nutrition questions.  

- Free Shipping - Free shipping on all domestic orders including Alaska and Hawaii and military bases 

- Auto Shipping - The convenience of Auto Ship refill with products the Client requires on a regular schedule 

- Free Consultation - Unmatched care and support from our customer care team. Click here to set up your appointment 
-Access to monthly discounts 
Covenant Health Clinic is a wholly owned subsidiary of Covenant Health Products, LLC, a fully registered North Carolina Corporation

You can find out more information at

We look forward to being partners with the Clinic Clients helping to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Please us toll free on 1-800-627-6518 or 
email us at or chat online with one of our customer care members. 
This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We cannot provide medical advice related to the treatment of any disease or illness. Consult with your professional health care provider before starting any diet, exercise or nutritional supplement, or before taking any medication.

We look forward to being your partner in helping you achieve your healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate and call us toll free on 1-800-627-6518, email us at or chat online with one of our customer care members.