Auto Refill

Covenant Health Products is pleased to announce our auto-ship program.
This allows our customers to have their everyday supplements automatically shipped every month, on time.

Take 15% off all of your auto-ship orders automatically!
Use coupon code: "AUTOSHIP" when you place your initial order.
How it works:
1) Search for the product or products that you wish to purchase.
2) Go to the product page and select how many days you wish to wait until your next order is placed.
The selection box is located just above the add to cart button
3) Select how often you would like your order placed and continue through the check-out process and place your order.
4) Your [refill] order will be automatically placed in the time-frame you select.
5) Feel free to cancel at any time.
That's all you need to do. If we have any questions about your order, we'll contact you directly.

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